Report – Round 8

China won the India – China Chess Summit 2015, organised by Telangana State Chess Association Adhoc Committee at Marriott Hotel, Hyderabad, comfortably by beating India in the final round. They collected 18 game points and 11 match points, compared to that of 14 and 5 respectively by India, to win the Komati Reddy Prateek Reddy trophy. The Chinese team collected six lakhs rupees for their stupendous efforts and Indian team recived four lakhs rupees for their runner up spot.

Lalith Babu beat the resilient Zhou from the white side of Queen’s Indian defense in 32 moves. Zhou annoyed by the passer “c” pawn of Lalith, erred and lost a pawn. Zhou resigned when the forced exchanges seem to be fatal. Lalith and Zhou performed evenly by scoring 4.5 points and 4 points respectively.

Like yesterday, the above win was short lived when Adhiban lost to the unassuming IM Chen Wang. The Closed Sicilian adopted by Chen restricted Adhiban from any combinative play. Chen penetrated with his rook along the 6th rank exposing the black king. A couple of inaccurate moves by Adhiban was sufficient to bring down the curtains in 44 moves, thus bringing the match to 1-1. Adhiban has just scored half a point from the last round and had scored 2.5 points from 8 games. Chen’s score of 4.5 out 8 is far better considering his rating.

The four knights game between Wei Yi and Sasikiran was the third game to finish. A safer approach by Wei disallowed Sasi to unleash any tactics despite his Queen and knight being closer to White King. An attack on the f7 square by Wei forced Sasikiran to take a draw by repetition in 44 moves. Sasikiran ended up the event with no wins, scoring 4 draws and 4 losses, a lackluster performance from a player of his calibre. Much was expected in scoring terms from Wei Yi, who holds an impressive Elo rating of 2706.

With the match still tied by 1.5 points each, the onus was on Sethuraman to bring some consolation to the home team. The Zaitsev variation of the Ruy Lopez chosen by Ding Liren allowed less space to maneuver on both sides. At the end of the first time control Sethu missed a tactical shot on the 36th move to get the better of Ding. A rook sacrifice on the g6 square coupled with another piece would have exposed black king enough. An uncompromising attitude by both was a treat to the spectators, with Sethu going for the kill and Ding standing tall in defense. Sethu went for an unsound pawn sacrifice on the 62nd move, instead of going for piece exchange which would have ended in a draw. Ding went up by 2 pawns in the rook endgame and Sethuraman threw in the towel at the end of 74th move. Sethuraman was impressive in his 5/8 and Ding has the similar score for China.


Sri. Narasimha Reddy, Vice President, All India Chess Federation was the chief guest for the closing ceremony in the presence of Sri. K. Chandrasekara Reddy, Secretary, AP. Billiards & Snooker Association.

Final round results

Wang Chen           beat           Adhiban B.

Ding Liren             beat           Sethuraman S.P.

Wei Yi                   drew with  Sasikiran Krishnan

Zhou Jianchao       lost to        Lalith Babu M.R.


Final Score

China beat India: 18 – 14 by game points and 11 – 5 match points.

Report – Round 7

India drew their seventh round encounter against China, keeping their chances alive in the India – China Chess Summit 2015, organised by Telangana State Chess Association, on behalf of All India  Chess Fedreation at Marriott Hotel, Hyderabad today. To strike the winner’s purse of six lakh rupees, all four Indians have to win the final round games, which is highly difficult.

GM Sethuraman continued his fine form to beat the top Chinese GM Ding Liren in 23 moves. Sethu adopted Grunfeld defense as black pieces and was gifted with a bad move by Ding through Nd4. A quick castling on the opposite side allowed Sethu to seize the initiative. Unable to find a good plan, Ding faltered once again to lose a knight on the 22nd move and resigned a move later. For Indian followers, the game was a big relief to win the match with Sethuraman being the top scorer on 5/7.

The above win short lived, when Sasikiran once again threw his advantageous position against Wei Yi. Sasi’s 3.f3 against Wei’s grunfeld must have been an impact through the preparation with Anand against Carlsen in the World Championship. Sasi enjoying a favourable position by the 22nd move played out a wrong sequence of exchanges along the queen file. Wei uncorked a beauty in 26.Nc3, choosing to enter the endgame with a passer pawn and Knight against Sasi’s rook. Unhappy by the sudden twist, Sasi was unable to defend perfectly and resigned the game in 40 moves when Wei’s e2- pawn was threatening to be promoted.

With each team winning a game, the remaining 2 games of Zhou vs Lalith and Adhiban vs Chen vs were expected to bring some hopes for Indian team. To the dismay, Adhiban could’nt extract much from the White side of the Sicilian Kan. Adhiban’s king side attack was well thwarted by Chen who won a bishop by 37th move. Adhiban’s extra pawns for the piece did not hold much longer and was involved in an unpleasant task of defending R+B vs R endgame. Chen tested Adhiban’s nerves and played up to 88th move and a stalemate appeared.

Meanwhile Lalith Babu settled for a draw against Zhou in 47 moves from a Rubinstein variant of Nimzo Indian defense. Zhou went for an unsound sacrificial line handing over the initiative to Lalith who enjoyed two minor pieces against opponent’s rook. A weak continuation by Lalith by chosing Nd7 instead of Qf6 put the brakes on. Zhou’s pieces coordinated well in the endgame to a draw.

The games start at 10.00 AM and the prize distribution function will be at 04.30 PM. His Highness E.S.L. Narasimhan, Governor of A.P. and Telangana states will be the chief guest for the prize distribution function at Marriot Hotel in the august presence of Sri. KV Ramanachari, Adviser. Governement of Telangan State.

Results of seventh round

Adhiban B.                    drew with          Wang Chen

Sethuraman S.P.           beat                   Ding Liren

Sasikiran Krishnan        lost to                Wei Yi

Lalith Babu M.R.         drew with        Zhou Jianchao

China Stretches Lead At Hyderabad

China Stretches Lead At Hyderabad
By Arvind Aaron

Two defeats in rounds five and six have given China a huge edge over India in the India v China Summit Clash at Hyderabad. The 2.5-1.5 defeat in round five was a normal score in this event but the sixth round defeat by 3-1 margin is both hurting to the morale of the team and the fans alike.

Two back-to-back wins in the fifth and sixth rounds have placed China in the driver’s seat in the Indo-China Summit Match that is taking place at Hyderabad.

China were favourites into this match and both Sethuraman and Lalith Babu have done well. With two rounds still remaining in the match, China are well placed with a 13.5-10.5 lead. They need just three points from the remaining two rounds or eight games to win the event which is played for the Komatireddy Prateek Reddy Trophy.

Among the Indians, Sethuraman (4/6) and M.R. Lalith Babu (3/6) are playing above their expected scores while Sasikiran (1.5/6) and Adhiban (2/6) are playing well below their known levels.

For China, World No.14 Ding Liren is performing to expectations with 4/6. Zhou Jianchao has hit a 2707 rating performance with 3.5/6. International Master Wang Chen (rating 2500) has scored 50% at 3/6 to play at 2620. The only Chinese who has not lived to expectations is Wei Yi with 3/6 and is playing at 98 Elo below his level.

The India-China Summit is for the Komati Reddy Prateek Reddy Trophy organised by the Telangana Chess Association. The prizes are Rs.600,000 to the winner and Rs.400,000 to the loser. It is sponsored by the All India Chess Federation.

Zhou Jianchao made a 2-0 score against Adhiban. Adhiban never obtained anything against the mixed ideas of the Najdorf Sicilian used by the Chinese player. Sethuraman was a pawn down but never in danger as opposite colour bishops ensured that he drew in 50 moves against Wang Chen.

Sasikiran faced the Benko gambit from Ding Liren. In the queen and rook ending that followed Sasikiran’s pawn storm, the players repeated the position and drew in 58 moves. Wei Yi obtained a two pawn advantage on the king side in the rook ending that gave him victory over Lalith Babu in 55 moves.

Round six: B Adhiban lost to Zhou Jianchao, Wang Chen drew with Sethuraman, Sasikiran drew with Ding Liren and M.R. Lalith Babu lost to Wei Yi.

The second half had started disastrously for the Indians. Zhou Jianchao beat Adhiban in a rook ending after winning a pawn. Ding Liren hunted down Sasikiran’s king in 46 moves after sacrificing two pawns and luring the black queen from its defensive role.

Sethuraman gave the Indians something to cheer about in his 68-move victory over Wang Chen. Sethuraman converted with an extra exchange against knight and pawn. Wei Yi offered a draw on move 30 which Lalith Babu accepted. The players were left with a rook and three pawns on the same side at that juncture.

Round five: Zhou Jianchao beat B Adhiban, Sethuraman beat Wang Chen, Ding Liren beat Sasikiran, Lalith Babu drew with Wei Yi.

Report – Round 6


China extended their lead to 2 match victories by scoring an emphatic 3 – 1 win over India at the end of 6th round of India – China Summit for the Komatireddy Prateek Reddy Trophy, organised by Telangana Chess Association, on behalf of All India Chess Federation at Marriott Hotel, Hyderabad. With 2 rounds still to go, the home team has the difficult task of winning the remaining matches to be on par with China. They also need to win one match with a margin of 3 – 1.

GM Zhou defeated Adhiban for the second consecutive time – in the fifth and sixth rounds. He used his dark colored pieces well to beat GM Adhiban quickly to  put the Chinese team in a commanding position.  In the Sicilian game, white’s bishop got struck on black’s queen side and the plan to retrieve it cost him dearly. A pawn sacrifice first, later a knight sacrifice became a full rook down and it was curtains for white in 38 moves.

GM Sethuraman was unable to do the same magic like yesterday against IM Wang Chen who was determined to hold this game. The positional moves in the Closed Sicilian game chosen by Chen allowed less freedom to Sethu’s minor pieces. A lifeless endgame appeared in the bishop’s of opposite colours and they mutually agreed for a draw in 50 moves.

The third game to finish was between GMs Wei Yi and Lalith Babu. Wei replied with the advance variation against the Caro Kan defense of Lalith. Wei infiltrated black with his Queen and Rook, thereby creating pressure on the e6 square. Lalith’s time pressure forced him to seek lesser alternative, which in turn handed the advantage to white. The ensuing tactics resulted in a two pawns deficit for Lalith, who resigned on 55th move.

With two losses in three games and already the match point in the China’s court, all the eyes were set on Sasikiran vs Ding Liren game. Ding sprang an early surprise by opting for the Benko gambit against the white pieces of Sasi. White’s strategy of invasion through the King file as well as holding of the Black’s Queen side counterplay did happen, much to the relief of the spectators. In a complex middle game Sasikiran probably missed a knight pseudo sacrifice on the 48th move to get closer to win. Ding seized the opportunity to get his defenses right and drew the game in 58 moves. It was unlucky for Sasi who came back well after three consecutive losses, only to let Ding off the hook.

Results of sixth round

Adhiban B.                    lost to                Zhou Jianchao

Sethuraman S.P.           drew with          Wang Chen

Sasikiran Krishnan        drew with          Ding Liren

Lalith Babu M.R.           lost to                Wei Yi

Report – Round 5

The second phase of The India-China Chess Summit for Komatireddy Prateek Reddy Trophy, organized by Telangana  State Chess Association on behalf of All India Chess Federation, started today after a free day in which the players were expected to deliver their best. It was the resurgent Chinese who delivered their goods and won the 5th round with the same margin of 2.5 – 1.5 points. China leads the match with 10.5 – 9.5.

The first game to finish  was the one between Lalith Babu and  Wei Yi . Unwilling to take risks both played out a quick draw in 30 moves from a Queen pawn fianchetto. A flurry of exchanges from 9th to 19th move left each with a Rook and 3 pawns and nothing to play for.

China took the lead when Ding Liren beat  Sasikiran of India. The popular Berlin defense of the Ruy Lopez was the topic of their game. Ding chose to move his to Bishop to g5 square instead of the routine Nbd2. A good control over the king file gave Ding to penetrate with a rook on the 7th rank. Sasi used his queen to counter attack and was busy picking few white pawns. When clock was ticking around one minute, Sasi faltered by moving his bishop and allowed a strong attack by Ding. Ding Liren, the youngest ever to win the Chinese Championship, went on to hunt the black king successfully and wrap the game in 46 moves. Sasikiran is not in good shape, as he has lost a hat trick of games so far.

Zhou Jiancho extended the lead for China when he beat Adhiban in 65 moves from a game arising out of semi-Tarrasch defense. Adhiban chose to sacrifice a pawn on the 24th move to gain some access on White’s King which backfired. Zhou digested the pawn successfully by exchanging major pieces and entered a pawn up rook endgame. Zhou notched his first win of the tournament in 65 moves.

Sethuraman , turned out to be the savior once again, at least to reduce the deficit the game point. Sethu gained more space out of the Alekhine opening chosen by Chen. An earlier queen exchange offer by the Chinese must have been a part of strategy to play the game safe. Sethu expanded on the queen side and was able to win a rook for his knight and a pawn on the 36th move. With the Chinese IM putting a good resistance, the win was far from easy. Chen faltered with couple of moves in the time pressure of the second time control and Sethu won the game in 68 moves.

Results of fifth round

Zhou Jianchao beat Adhiban B.
Wang Chen lost to Sethuraman S.P.
Ding Liren beat Sasikiran Krishnan
Wei Yi drew with Lalith Babu M.R.