Report – Round 2

India Levels with China

India made a sweet revenge, inflicting a 2.5 – 1.5 margin defeat on China, to level the game points and match points at the end of the second round of India – China Chess Summit 2015, organised by Telangana State Chess Association at Hotel Marriott, Hyderabad today. Local lad MR Lalith Babu, a former Commonwealth champion provided the ray of hope to India, as he defeated IM Wang Chen in 59 moves of a Caro Kann defence game and all the other three games were drawn. Both teams have scored 2 match points and five game points so far and six more rounds remain to be played.

Lalith castled on the queen side on 10th move and traded the queens two moves later. The three connected pawns on the king side provided a big advantage to Lalith, compared to the isolated pawns of Wang in the end game. Wang was forced to forego his bishop and he resigned the game, when he was about to be checkmated.

Ling DIren, who has a rating of 2755, declined the Queen’s gambit by Adhiban and the tussle was interesting and gruelling. Adhiban managed to grab a pawn in the middle game, but had to give it back a few moves later. Ling tried for a win in a rook ending with an extra pawn, but Adhiban forced him to split the point in 70 moves.

In the Sicilian defence between Indian team captain K Sasikiran and GM Zhou Jianchao, both players castled their kings late in the game, after 17 moves. Immediately, Sasi pushed his king side pawns forward, applying pressure on Zhou’s king. Sasi sacrificed a pawn on 26th move and exchanged the queens, but Zhou parried Sasi’s double bishop advantage on 30th move. Pseudo sacrifice of bishop did not pay much dividends and Sasi had to be content with a draw in 42 moves, when both were left with a rook and pawn each.

SP Sethuraman followed the Caro Kann defence against sixteen year old Wei Yi, who eclipsed Carlsen’s  record to be the youngest to reach 2700 elo rating. They played at a fast pace, reeling off 20 moves in the opening in just 20 minutes of total time.  Sethuraman’s  Nexd2 on 20th move forced Wei Yi to ponder over 48 minutes to make his next move. It seemed as if Sethu will build up an advantage, but Wei revealed his fighting prowess to level the position. Both had connected pawns on different flanks in a rook and pawns ending. Though Sethu had an extra pawn, they had to settle for a draw after well fought 49 moves for four and half hours.

Adhiban plays Wei Yi in a crucial game of third round tomorrow. In the games, Sethuraman plays Zhou, Sasi faces Wang Chen and Lalith Babu meets Ding Liren.

Results of second round:

India beat China 2.5 – 1.5

Adhiban B.                                  drew with               Ding Liren

Sethuraman S.P.                         drew with               Wei Yi

Sasikiran Krishnan                      drew with               Zhou Jianchao

Lalith Babu M.R.                        beat                        Wang Chen