Report – Round 3

Round – 3

Two superlative performances by Adhiban and Lalith Babu helped India win the third round of the India – China Chess Summit 2015, organised by All India Chess Federation, with the support of Telangana Chess Association at Marriott Hotel, Hyderabad today. Both defeated the top two players Ding Liren and Wei Yi, rated above 2700 to infuse confidence into the Indian team, putting behind the unexpected loss of Sasikiran to IM Wang Chen.

On the black side of Queens Indian defence, Lalith Babu doubled up his rooks with the support of the queen in the middle game to gain a positional advantage. Lalith forced the exchange of queens to leave a weak pawn structure to Ling. Finally in the rook and pawns end game, Lalith’s three connected pawns on the kingside played havoc, whereas Ling had a lone rook pawn. Ding fought in vain, only to give up the fight after 85 moves. In an interview with Indian team manager IM PDS Girinath, Lalith admitted that it was a nice win and did not expect initially. Ling’s Nd2 on 23rd move was a blessing in disguise to Lalith, after which he never looked back. This is Lalith’s first win over a player with a rating above 2750.

Adhiban played a brilliant game today, outwitting world junior champion Wei Yi in just 25 moves. He allowed Wei to capture the poisoned b2 pawn on the eighth move of the Najdorf variation of Sicilian defence. Adhiban sacrificed his knight on 18th move and when he posted the knight on d6 two moves later threatening the king with a check, the verdict became clear. Wei had to lose his bishop to avoid the checkmate or loss of queen. Adhiban unleashed another knight sacrifice, forcing Wei to surrender. At the end of the game, Wei had three minutes left on the clock, whereas Adhiban had more than an hour.

Sasikiran lost to international master Wang Chen in a queen pawn game lasting 45 moves. Sasikiran’s pawn sacrifice on 18th move was unwarranted, enabling his opponent’s knight and bishop to combine effectively, which led to the loss of his rook for Wang’s knight. Wang controlled the open –c file with his rook and combined it with the queen to deliver a big threat. Though Sasi had a good counter attack, defence was his first priority and lost the game.

Adopting Semi Slav defence against Zhou Jianchao, Jianchao exchanged the queens early in the game – on the 8th move. Both played attacking game, but the bishop Vs knight with equal pawns petered out into a draw after 48 moves. The players will have reversed colours with the same opponents tomorrow in the fourth round.

Results of third round

India beat China 2.5 – 1.5

Adhiban B.                beat              Wei Yi

Sethuraman S.P.       drew with     Zhou Jianchao

Sasikiran Krishnan    lost to           Wang Chen

Lalith Babu M.R.       beat              Ding Liren