Report – Round 4

It is Chinese turn to win Round 4 

China made a strong comeback by inflicting a defeat on the Indian team in the 4th round of the India- China Chess Summit, being held at Marriott Hyderabad. The summit is organized by Telangana Chess Association under the auspices of All India Chess Federtion. The first phase of the 8 round event is over and the two teams are tied with 4 match points each 8 game points. SP Sethuraman, former Under 16 world champion was the lone winner for the Indian team, whereas Ding Liren and IM Wang Chen ended up with victories for the Chinese team. The tussle will begin after a rest for the players tomorrow.

Overnight hero of the Indian team GM Lalith Babu lost today to GM Ding Liren of China.  Lalith playing the white side of Semi Slav defense, sacrificed a knight and bishop and gained a rook in process and disallowed castling by black king. Lalith’s Queen manoeuvre to g8 square on 16th move cast some doubt and allowed Ding Liren to equalise with black’s queen sortie to g6 square. Ding unleashed his pieces when Lalith played his bishop  to g8 square  on 22nd move to wind up the game in 35 moves. Ding has a sweet revenge after losing to the same opponent yesterday.

Meanwhile, GM Wei Yi of China was unable to avenge his defeat against GM Adhiban of India. Wei sitting behind the light colored pieces chose the quiet Italian Game against e5 move of Adhiban. A strategical exchange of major and minor pieces in the middle game led to Rook endgame with less chances. A further simplication to pawn endgame and pawn promotion of queen for each resulted in players agree for draw in 48 moves.

A major setback for India was the consecutive loss of GM Sasikiran against IM ChenWang of China. Sasi was coasting well in the Closed Sicilian and held a small advantage out of the opening. Nurturing it into an advantageous position, the experienced Indian GM overlooked a defensive move on the 29th move by Chen. In an urge to complete 40 moves Sasi ended up a pawn deficit in an inferior Rook and bishop endgame. Sasi threw in the towel on the 41st move when the last counterplay with rook was nullified. IM Chen Wang rated 182 Elo points less than Sasikiran has pocketed two crucial points for the Chinese team.

With China already winning the match with two wins, the game between Sethuraman and Zhou turned out to be interesting in view of the game points. In a Caro Kan defense, Sethu as white won a rook for his knight on the 30th move sending some relief to the Indian team. A mistake by Sethu, who decided to return the exchange on the 36th move allowed Zhou to come strong with counter play. Sethu undisturbed, set a bait by sacrificing the queen knight pawn, in which Zhou fell. In the opposite colour bishop ending, Sethu’s pawns were better placed, when Zhou’s flag fell, signaling his loss.

Results of fourth round  China beat India 2.5 -1.5

Wei Yi                      drew with           Adhiban B.

Zhou Jianchao     lost to                 Sethuraman S.P.

Wang Chen             beat                    Sasikiran Krishnan

Ding Liren                beat                    Lalith Babu M.R.

Overall standings after round 4     India and China are equal with 4 match points and 8 game points