Report – Round 7

India drew their seventh round encounter against China, keeping their chances alive in the India – China Chess Summit 2015, organised by Telangana State Chess Association, on behalf of All India  Chess Fedreation at Marriott Hotel, Hyderabad today. To strike the winner’s purse of six lakh rupees, all four Indians have to win the final round games, which is highly difficult.

GM Sethuraman continued his fine form to beat the top Chinese GM Ding Liren in 23 moves. Sethu adopted Grunfeld defense as black pieces and was gifted with a bad move by Ding through Nd4. A quick castling on the opposite side allowed Sethu to seize the initiative. Unable to find a good plan, Ding faltered once again to lose a knight on the 22nd move and resigned a move later. For Indian followers, the game was a big relief to win the match with Sethuraman being the top scorer on 5/7.

The above win short lived, when Sasikiran once again threw his advantageous position against Wei Yi. Sasi’s 3.f3 against Wei’s grunfeld must have been an impact through the preparation with Anand against Carlsen in the World Championship. Sasi enjoying a favourable position by the 22nd move played out a wrong sequence of exchanges along the queen file. Wei uncorked a beauty in 26.Nc3, choosing to enter the endgame with a passer pawn and Knight against Sasi’s rook. Unhappy by the sudden twist, Sasi was unable to defend perfectly and resigned the game in 40 moves when Wei’s e2- pawn was threatening to be promoted.

With each team winning a game, the remaining 2 games of Zhou vs Lalith and Adhiban vs Chen vs were expected to bring some hopes for Indian team. To the dismay, Adhiban could’nt extract much from the White side of the Sicilian Kan. Adhiban’s king side attack was well thwarted by Chen who won a bishop by 37th move. Adhiban’s extra pawns for the piece did not hold much longer and was involved in an unpleasant task of defending R+B vs R endgame. Chen tested Adhiban’s nerves and played up to 88th move and a stalemate appeared.

Meanwhile Lalith Babu settled for a draw against Zhou in 47 moves from a Rubinstein variant of Nimzo Indian defense. Zhou went for an unsound sacrificial line handing over the initiative to Lalith who enjoyed two minor pieces against opponent’s rook. A weak continuation by Lalith by chosing Nd7 instead of Qf6 put the brakes on. Zhou’s pieces coordinated well in the endgame to a draw.

The games start at 10.00 AM and the prize distribution function will be at 04.30 PM. His Highness E.S.L. Narasimhan, Governor of A.P. and Telangana states will be the chief guest for the prize distribution function at Marriot Hotel in the august presence of Sri. KV Ramanachari, Adviser. Governement of Telangan State.

Results of seventh round

Adhiban B.                    drew with          Wang Chen

Sethuraman S.P.           beat                   Ding Liren

Sasikiran Krishnan        lost to                Wei Yi

Lalith Babu M.R.         drew with        Zhou Jianchao